Netsuite Technical Interview Notes - SuiteScript 2.0 Tutorial for Netsuite

SuiteScript 2.0 Notes It uses the entry point function to identify the script type It is built on modular architecture We can also create our own custom modules First you need to enable client suitescript feature When you include an entry point in your script, you tell the system that it should do something when that entry point is invoked. Specifically, you tell the system that it should execute a function defined within the script. This function is called an entry point function. Every entry point script must use Define Function You must add JSDoc tags /** *@NApiVersion 2.0 * @NScriptType ClientScript */ These tags reflect the following: The version of SuiteScript you are using. The script type you are using. You must use the runtime.getCurrentScript() function in the runtime module to reference script parameters. For example, use the following code to obtain the value of a script parameter named custscript_case_field: define(['N/runtime'], function(runtime) { function pageI

Netsuite SuiteCloud Developer Exam Notes

Plugins in Netsuite First create plugin type then create plugin implementation then use 'N/plugin' module var addnum= plugin.loadImplementation({ type:'customscript_add_numbers' }); to load main plugin  var addnum2 = plugin.loadImplementation({         type:'customscript_add_numbers',         implementation: 'customscript150'       }); to load plugin implementation Debugger To debug existing you should be the owner of the script and status should be testing Client script can not be debugged on script debugger Debugger shares the same database as production.  SuiteCloud Processors Good for load balancing and script prioritization. Suitecloud processors offer automatic load balancing and script prioritization.  Ability to automatically increase a job priority Jobs that are waiting for execution for a certain number of hours, four hours for example, to get a higher priority and a chance of execution instead of staying in the queue until all the other