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Naming convention for Suitelet fields custpage

 In this post we will know how to name fields in suite let. When i am talking about field then it is ID of the field. e.g                                let taskName = form.addField({ id:'custpage_taskname', type: ui.FieldType.TEXT, label:'Task Name' }); in above code id is custpage_taskname Follow the below guidelines to name id Always prefix the field id with custpage_ Do not use any capital letter words in ID  custpage_name  -> This is correct ID custpage_Name -> This is incorrect ID __Name -> This is incorrect ID as it is not prefixed with custpage

Netsuite SuiteCloud Developer Exam Notes

Plugins in Netsuite First create plugin type then create plugin implementation then use 'N/plugin' module var addnum= plugin.loadImplementation({ type:'customscript_add_numbers' }); to load main plugin  var addnum2 = plugin.loadImplementation({         type:'customscript_add_numbers',         implementation: 'customscript150'       }); to load plugin implementation Debugger To debug existing you should be the owner of the script and status should be testing Client script can not be debugged on script debugger Debugger shares the same database as production.  SuiteCloud Processors Good for load balancing and script prioritization. Suitecloud processors offer automatic load balancing and script prioritization.  Ability to automatically increase a job priority Jobs that are waiting for execution for a certain number of hours, four hours for example, to get a higher priority and a chance of execution instead of staying in the queue until all the other

How to view internal ID of a field in Netsuite

To view the internal Id of any field in NetSuite follow the following steps. Click on Home -> Select Set preferences -> check SHOW INTERNAL IDS CHECK SHOW INTERNAL IDS To view the Internal ID  Click on the Filed Name to see the FIELD ID which is the internal id of the field 

Suitescript tutorial

Suitescript is NetSuite API, in JavaScript that helps you to modifiy NetSuite according to your requirements and beyond the basis default functionalities given by NetSuite. Every Business has different requirements and thus NetSuite needs to be modified based on user's requirement. Being a Netsuite Developer you will need to do the scripting work in Javascript for Netsuite. Using SuiteScript you can create list, records like customer record, lead, quotation, contact etc. You can create tabs, sublist, buttons and fields according to your requirements. The type of script that you can build with Netsuite are Suitelet Restlet User Event Scheduled Client Portlet Every Netsuite Record may be it's a customer record, item record has a sub record. Sub record is related to parent record. In Netsuite we call sub record because they are related to parent record and they themselves are not a record. for e.g a bill record can have related record like inventory (quantity) detai