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What are different Sublist Types in Netsuite For suitelets

There are four sublist types given as follows. INLINEEDITOR EDITOR LIST STATICLIST INLINEEDITOR Sublist   This is a editable sublist where user can add, cancel, insert and remove a line  This is a inlineeditor sublist. A new line is displayed at the bottom of the sublist. fields are displayed below the sublist line  EDITOR Sublist The difference between editor and Inlineeditor sublist is in the way it looks. See UI A new line is added when details are filled and saved. Fields are displayed above the existing sublist lines. LIST Sublist  It has fixed number of lines. You can update existing line but you can not add a line.  STATICLIST Sublist This is a read only sublist which can not be edited in UI and is not available for scripting