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Naming convention for Suitelet fields custpage

 In this post we will know how to name fields in suite let. When i am talking about field then it is ID of the field. e.g                                let taskName = form.addField({ id:'custpage_taskname', type: ui.FieldType.TEXT, label:'Task Name' }); in above code id is custpage_taskname Follow the below guidelines to name id Always prefix the field id with custpage_ Do not use any capital letter words in ID  custpage_name  -> This is correct ID custpage_Name -> This is incorrect ID __Name -> This is incorrect ID as it is not prefixed with custpage

How to run and deploy a script in Netsuite?

To run a script in NetSuite you will need to deploy the script. A single script can have multiple deployments. In order to deploy the script follow the follow procedure.  Go to customization -> scripting -> script - > select New 2. Below snapshot will appear and it will tell you to search for the script. You must already had to upload the script to Netsuite file cabinate then you can search from here.  3. Now NetSuite will ask what kind of script you are going to deploy. Select the one that you have created. Here I am selecting Suitelet. 4. Now Netsuite will ask the file details. Enter the name of the file. leave id blank if you want default id. Type function name of your suitescript. You can include any library that your script need to execute otherwise you can leave it blank.  5. After telling the Netsuite about your script. Its time to deploy the script. click deploy button.  6. Deployment is the final stage. Where you actua

How to create a simple search in Netsuite Suitlet

function searchCompanyID (companyname){ var filters = new Array (); filters[ 0 ] = new nlobjSearchFilter ( 'companyname' , null , 'is' , companyname); var columns = new Array (); columns[ 0 ] = new nlobjSearchColumn ( 'internalid' ); var searchResults = nlapiSearchRecord( 'customer' , null , filters, columns); if (searchResults ! = null ) { var internalid = searchResults[ 0 ].getValue(columns[ 0 ]); return internalid; } else { return 0 ; } }

How to create custom form in HTML for Suitlet in NETSUITE and get the form data

NetSuite default form is Ugly so You can create your own custom form in NETSUITE SUITELET and get the data of the form through request.getParameter. Here's How /**  * Module Description  *  * Version Date Author Remarks  * 1.00 22 Feb 2016 Anurag  *  */ /**  * @param {nlobjRequest} request Request object  * @param {nlobjResponse} response Response object  * @returns {Void} Any output is written via response object  */ function RegisterPageUI ( ) { var html = ' <form action="" method="post"> ' + ' First name:<br> ' + ' <input type="text" name="firstname" value="Mickey"><br> ' + ' Last name:<br> ' + ' <input type="text" name="lastname" value="Mouse"><br><br> ' + ' <input type="submit" value="Submit&qu